Cosmetic Dentistry - Mooreville Dental Care

Teeth Whitening with Glo Whitening

This service effectively removes those stubborn tooth stains caused by natural teeth aging, coffee, tobacco, soda, and even certain medications.

Cosmetic Crowns

Cover up teeth that are damaged. Our general family dentists utilize the latest crown techniques to restore the beauty of your teeth. We have white-colored porcelain crowns by IPS Empress®, IPS EMAX®, 3M LAVA®, DSzirconia®, and Cercon®.


Straighten your teeth the invisible way. This is the alternative to the traditional style of braces. They are easy to clean, soft and flexible, and practically invisible. You can also eat whatever you want with this method.


These are also known as porcelain laminates. We thinly sculpt pieces of veneer to fit over the front of your teeth, giving your smile a brand-new look. Veneers are perfect for fixing midline spaces and chipped, discolored, pitted, crooked, or missing teeth.

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